Invisalign - Procedure

The current alignment of your teeth will be recorded with a special computer graphics procedure at the beginning of the Invisalign treatment. The goal of the treatment and the desired final alignment will be determined during a conversation with the patient. The Invisalign treatment is divided into individual treatment phases. The individual follow-up-appointments help to monitor the treatment progress by the dentist and ensures that the treatment progresses according to plan.  

New individual aligners will be made for each new step of the treatment. The wearing time of the aligners is about 2 Weeks for each step. During this time, teeth will be moved into a previously calculated position at every phase through constant pressure of the Invisalign aligners. With each new phase there will be new aligners, till the desired and previously discussed final alignment has been accomplished.

The Invisalign treatment will last between nine and fifteen months, depending on initial position of the teeth.