Veneers and Bleaching

Aesthetics with veneers and bleaching

Beautifully shaped, radiant white teeth are a sign of health and vitality.
The wish for attractive dental aesthetics is warranted. However, the realisation requires the know-how of specialists.

Dental aesthetic includes mainly shape, position and colour of teeth. We offer the right solution for each individual problem in our practice.

The bleaching of teeth is a professional aesthetical dental treatment to remove damaging and discolouring plaque from your teeth. The teeth will be gently and carefully brightened under professional supervision. Bleaching is one of the most popular treatments regarding dental aesthetics.

Bleaching in a dental practice is a lot more effective, than the various offers of bleaching home kits.

Veneers are another effective treatment for smooth, white teeth and therefore for a good looking dental aesthetic. Veneers are very thin, translucent, ceramic overlays, which will be made from an impression (mould) of your teeth in a laboratory. Veneers will be attached to the front of front teeth by a special, tooth-friendly procedure. Being able to attach veneers to the teeth makes it easy for adults of every age to fix dental malalignment.

Conventional veneers particularly benefit patients with extremely discoloured teeth, because ceramic is less transparent. Future colourations can be simulated with a special paste during the trial fitting. The main purpose of veneers really is the visual result of beautiful teeth. That’s why we take a lot of time for the trial fitting. The effort will be rewarded with a radiant smile after the completion of the treatment.