Bite Guards to Prevent Teeth Grinding "Bruxism"

Nightly teeth grinding and jaw clenching (bruxism) leads to pain in the neck, to headaches and further problems. Even pain in healthy teeth can be the result of bruxism. Teeth grinding is often a nightly and involuntary companion. Grinding and clenching of teeth happens with a lot of pressure. This puts a burden on muscles in the face as well as in the neck and the shoulder area spreading down the back and tightens them up. Resulting dental problems develop slowly and will only become visible years later.

Mouth guards are used for treatment of dental problems caused by bruxism. These guards are an effective dental treatment for teeth grinding. The consistent wearing of these guards is the deciding factor of success for this treatment. The main purpose of these mouth guards is to keep the right distance between lower and upper jaw and to relief the jaw joint during muscle tensions in the face. An undisputed decrease of migraines, tensions and other pains can be observed after the use of a mouth guard.