Bite Guards - Tension Suppression Guard

The NTI-TSS device (Tension Suppression Guard) activates the natural protective reflex of the trigeminal nerve, which prevents tensions. Every tooth is connected to the masseter muscles by nerve fibres. If the pressure during biting and chewing is too high, then receptors signal the masseter muscles to relax, which activates the protective reflex.

Dr. Müller has specialised in the field of mouth guards. After an adequate assessment regarding the state of your teeth, we can find out whether you grind or clench your teeth. Tensions of muscles can be identified by touching and feeling the masseter muscles and the jaw.

The mouth guard protects the dental structure and prosthetic works. The NTI-TSS guard supports the optimal teeth alignment in a bite. It is also used during the healing process after new implants have been fitted. This mouth guard can help fight migraines and tinnitus as well.

The NTI-TSS guard will be made by Dr. Müller, while being in a session with him. After the dental treatment, you are free to go straight home. The guard is very small and therefore comfortable to wear.

The use of the NTI-TSS guard is an easy and a promising measure without any damaging side effects.